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Google Shopping Ads Management Agency

If you are running an e-commerce website, Google Shopping can showcase your products to potential customers searching for your products.

Then users can now browse product catalogs within the search results and click on your ads to visit your ecommerce website.

At Primo Promotion, we have experience running Google Shopping Ads for our e-commerce clients, both on large and small scale.

How We Manage Google Shopping Ads

With our data feed optimization, we set up your business’ google shopping campaigns and start driving your potential customers to your e-commerce website/store.

And this is what we do when we manage your Google shopping campaigns.

Google Data Feed is a spreadsheet that includes descriptions of your products and organizes your product catalog. This is to make it easy for Google to crawl, understand and update your ads. We optimize your data feed to ensure your product information is always up-to-date.

We monitor and optimize your Google shopping bids to ensure that your ads get the exposure needed. Together with Google machine learning, we can elevate the performance of your shopping campaigns

We will assist you in setting up and managing your Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where we upload your product listings to Google in order to run Google Shopping campaigns.


Providing transparency to our clients is something that we take pride in. You can rest assured that your Google Ads spend will be properly accounted for by working with us.


We will setup conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your Google Shopping campaigns. With conversion data, our team will then optimize to further improve the campaign performance.